NEW design NIBP Cuff

NEW design NIBP Cuff

NEW design NIBP Cuff

NEW design NIBP Cuff

GE CAM 14 Acquisition module for MAC 5500, MAC5000

Medica-D Reusable SpO2 sensor

2021406-001 GE Interface Cable, Nellcor OxiMax

New "Heart" 10-lead EKG Cable with leadwires

GE D-Fend Water trap 876446-HEL

New ECG Clip-

Crab Grabber/Clip

Original 12V Pumps

Original Nihon Kohden BR-903P

New spacelabs trunkLink shielded 10 leads ECG lead 700-0006-18 AAMI

Philips One piece 10 lead EKG cable snap,AHA


Spacelabs oximax adult finger clip spo2 sensor,10pin

Drager 5pin temperature probe

Philips animals disposable NIBP cuff

New marterial disposable spo2 sensor

Welch Allyn 7pin spo2 sensor

GE Ohmeda TruSat pulse oximeter

Mindray PM-50 Pulse oximeter

Spacelabs 91349-07

Nonin 2500 Pulse oximeter

989803164281 Philips Class B USB Patient Data Cable       

Banana 4.0mm - Banana 4.0mm Adaptor sets

Physio-control adult quik -combo pacing-defibrillation-ECG Electrode

Philips NIBP Tubing

Adhesive Textile Tape for SpO2 sensors 

2016 LNC-10-GE LNCS to GE Patient Cable for GE B40.B450,B650,B850.....

Original M3516A/M4735A Philips Heartstart XL sealed Lead Acid Battery

Philips neonate 3 lead leadwires, clip,AHA

Siemens 5590539 Neomed Pod ECG trunk cable

Original Mindray VS800 temperature probe

New Y type neonate wrrap Spo2 sensor

Fisher & Paykel 900 MR 805 Adapter cable

Mindray compatible Water trap, Adult/Peadiatric

Corpuls 25 pins to LNCS 11 pins SpO2 Adapter cable

MAX-250A Oxygen sensor

HRS compatible SpO2 sensor

Colorful Sunction electrodes Reusable

Blue color NIBP cuff with flap

Fisher and Paykel MR720 temperature probe

Original M1973A 989803125861  CBL 5 leadset,grabber,AAMI

New Siemens Multi-link ECG trunk cable

Fanem temperature probe,3pin

Nihon kohden NIBP tube

Welch allyn ECG cable,9 pin