Promotion products in August, 2023 


Compatible Mindray One piece/Direct connect ECG Cable,12 pins

Types available: 3-lead/5-lead, Snap/Clip, AHA/IEC


Promotion price: 9.18 USD per piece 

Price valid date: August 1st - 31st, 2023

MOQ:  5 pieces


Compaible monitors: Mindray BeneView T8, BeneView T5, BeneView T1, iPM 12, iPM 10, iPM 8, iMEC 12, iMEC 10, iMEC 8, iPM-9800, PM-9000 Express, PM-8000 Express, PM-7000, MEC-2000, MEC-1200, MEC-1000, PM-9000Vet, MEC-1200Vet, BeneHeart D6, BeneHeart D3. 


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