Mindray Adult Temperature probe 0011-30-37393

Mindray Adult Temperature probe 0011-30-37393

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Brand Name︰Mindray

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Product Description

Description: Mindray Compatible Temperature probe, 2.25 K ohm resistor,  Available in Rectal/Esophageal and skin-urface

Use with: Mindray Beneview T5, T8, Beneheart D6 and iPM-9800,PM 6800 Series

OEM Code:

  • 0011-30-37393 (Adult Skin)
  • 0011-30-37382 (Esophageal/Rectal)
  • 0011-30-37394 (Pediatric Esophageal/Rectal)

Temperature Range: 25 to 45°C
Accuracy: ±0.1°C from 25 to 45°C
◎ Today’s quality patient care requires body temperature monitor to be an integral part of any physiological measurements in the OR, ICU,
CCU, or Upnmed offers a full line of reusable, sterilizable, temperature probes to measure body temperature on your critical patients.
◎ Available in Rectal/Esophageal and Skin Surface Styles
◎ Latex-free 


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