Neonate 5 Disposable NIBP cuff

Neonate 5 Disposable NIBP cuff

Model No.︰Neonate

Brand Name︰disposable cuff

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

1.Description:Disposable neonate5 single tube/dual tube Blood pressure cuff .

2.Compatibility :Use with

 Philips:78352A/C,78354A/C,M1008A/B,M1176A,M1350B,M3000A,M3001A(With M1598B,M1599B,tubing), Colin,Datascope-Passport,Acutor; Fukada Denshi;Spacelabs: All; Older Welch-Allyn: Models-with locking luer -type connector, Criticare; Siemens- with bayonet type connector; Mindray,Goldway,
Disposable NIBP cuff include as follow:
1. Large adult  Disposable NIBP cuff single tube
2. Large adult  Disposable NIBP cuff Dual tube 
3. Adult  Disposable NIBP cuff single tube 
4. Adult  Disposable NIBP cuff Dual tube 
5.Small adult  Disposable NIBP cuff single tube 
6.Smail adult  Disposable NIBP cuff Dual tube 
7. Child  Disposable NIBP cuff single tube 
8. Child Disposable NIBP cuff Dual tube  
9. Infant  Disposable NIBP cuff single tube  
10.Infant  Disposable NIBP cuff Dual tube  
11.  Neonate 1  Disposable NIBP cuff single tube 
12.  Neonate 1  Disposable NIBP cuff  dual  tube 
13.  Neonate 2  Disposable NIBP cuff single tube 
14.  Neonate 2  Disposable NIBP cuff  dual  tube 
15.  Neonate 3  Disposable NIBP cuff single tube 
16.  Neonate 3  Disposable NIBP cuff  dual  tube 
17. Neonate 4  Disposable NIBP cuff single tube 
18.  Neonate 4  Disposable NIBP cuff  dual  tube 
19.  Neonate 5  Disposable NIBP cuff single tube 
20.  Neonate 5  Disposable NIBP cuff dual tube 


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