Universal One piece 5-lead ECG Cable with leadwires

Universal One piece 5-lead ECG Cable with leadwires

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Universal One piece 5-lead ECG Cable with leadwires,snap

Connector Guide:6 pins

Compatibility:most of patient monitor, such as: philips, pach- tech , spacelabs,nihon kohden......  

Instrument Connectors
An extensive variety of connector solutions is available. All have flex-reliefs for durability.

Trunk Cables
The 3 meter (10 ft) patient cable assembly uses shielded, low noise cable to minimize tribo-electric noise and electrical nterference. Flex-reliefs at both the connector and cable yoke provide flexibility and reduce continuity breakage.these cable yokes are labeled to clearly depict both AHA and IEC color coding for quick and easy lead attachment. Part numbers and lot numbers indicate equipment compatibility and product traceability.

Lead wires
Low profile, insert molded snap or pinch connectors offer patient comfort and secure attachment to snap electrodes. The snap termination’s ergonomic, teardrop design reduces tangling at the patient end connector. Grabber and mini clip terminations have dual sided metal contacts to provide the connection. 

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