CM Nylon Reusable Blood Pressure NIBP Cuff

CM Nylon Reusable Blood Pressure NIBP Cuff

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Product Description

1.Universal Reusable NIBP with Single or Double Hose Cuff

2.Use with:

GE-Marqutte,   Datex-Ohmeda   GE(Marqutte) with male quick-connect type connector, Dinama plus, XL,SX/XP,8100 series, Each GE corometrics;  Critikon; Datex-Ohmeda-with one male and one female quick connect type connector; CAS; New Welch-Allyn vital signs models-with threaded type Critikon style connector.     
 Philips 78352A/C, 78354A/C, M1008A/B M1176A, M1350B, M3000A M3001A (with M1598B, M1599B, tubing) Colin,Datascope-Passport, Acutor; Fukuda Denshi

Spacelabs all;(Please find the nearest sizes you want) 
714-0020-00  Child Arm Circumstance: 12—19 cm/4.72 to 7.48 inches 
714-0021-00  Small Adult: Arm circumstance 17—25 cm/6.69 to 9.84 inches 
714-0022-00  Small Adult Arm Circumstance 17—26 cm/6.69 to 10.24 inches 
714-0023-00  Adult Arm Circumstance 23—33 cm/9.06 to 13 inches 
714-0024-00  Adult Arm Circumstance 24—32 cm/9.45 to 12.60 inches 
714-0025-00  Large Adult Arm Circumstance 31 to 40 cm/12.20 to 15.75 inches 
714-0026-00  Large Adult Arm Circumstance 32 to 46 cm/12.20 to 18.11 inches 
714-0027-00  Thigh Circumstance 38 to 50 cm/14.96 to 19.69 inches

Part No. Description Limb Circum Pur 
Dura-Cuf Blood Pressure Cuffs, Dual-Tube, Mated Submin Connectors – For Datex-Ohmeda Monitors 
2751 Dura-Cuf, Child, 2 TB, Mated Submin, Green 12 – 19 cm 
2752 Dura-Cuf, Small Adult, 2 TB, Mated Submin, Royal Blue 17 – 25 cm 
2753 Dura-Cuf, Adult, 2 TB, Mated Submin, Navy 23 – 33 cm 
002756 Dura-Cuf, Adult Long, 2 TB, Mated Submin, Navy 23 – 33 cm 
2754 Dura-Cuf, Large Adult, 2 TB, Mated Submin, Wine 31 – 40 cm 
2755 Dura-Cuf, Thigh, 2 TB, Mated Submin, Brown 38 – 50 cm 
002757 Dura-Cuf, Large Adult Long, 2 TB, Mated Submin, Rose 31 – 40 cm

Dura-cuf, Adult, 2 TB, 
Screw, Navy (EA) 
Dura-cuf, Large Adult 
2 TB, Screw, Wine (EA)

Edan: adult M15-40029; large adult: M15-40074; adult thigh: M15-40043; Child M15-40018; Infant M15-40020; 

Welch Allyn: Models-with locking luer connector

GE Medical: Datex Ohmeda (572428); (fast connectors type) Dinama plus: XL, SX/XP, 8100 series, GE corometrics; Critikon; CAS; Welch Allyn vital signs models

Datascope: 11996-000026; 0998-00-0003-32;  datascope code: 0998-00-0003-51, 0998-00-0003-52, 0998-00-0003-53,0998-00-0003-54,  0010-30-12158(single tube)
Medtronic / Physio Control: LIFEPAK 12/15

We can offer all type CM NIBP cuff as below:

CM adult single tube NIBP cuff,TPU bladder25-35cm
CM adult dual tube NIBP cuff,TPU bladder
CM Child single tube NIBP cuff,TPU bladder 18-26cm
CM Child dual tube NIBP cuff,TPU bladder
CM Infant single tube cuff,TPU bladde 10-19cm
CM Infant dual tube cuff,TPU bladder
CM Neonate single tube cuff,TPU bladder 6-11cm
CM Neonate dual tube cuff,TPU bladder
CM Large adult single tube NIBP cuff,TPU bladder 33-47cm
CM Large adult  dual tube NIBP cuff,TPU bladder
CM Adult Thigh single tube cuff,TPU bladder  46-66cm
CM Adult Thigh dual tube cuff,TPU bladder


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